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We create meaningful knowledge Our consultancy services specialise in video production for educational purposes, catering among others to course lectures, online education, coaching staff, and training & development programs for industry.

Digital Media Production

We plan, create, produce and execute digital content such as videos, photos and audio for varied platforms and audiences. It comprises Pre-Production, production and post-production using high-end technological products for high-quality and interesting visual and audio content.

Elearning Production

We create and develop interactive online learning content. We provide instructional design services to academics and products for various audiences with the help of different media forms, technology and applications. The process involves analysing and understanding the source content, designing a theme, and developing and executing.

SMEs Video Production - Remote / Offline

Subject matter expert (SME) video production is video content that features experts sharing their knowledge and insights on a particular subject of their expertise. This video is created by using various production techniques and technologies. These videos are used for training, education, marketing, or thought leadership.

LAB and Industry learning video production

These videos are created and developed for learners to teach practical skills and knowledge in a lab or industrial context. The video production involves three phases: Pre-production (planning), Second phase Production (filming of the content), and third phase Post-Production (editing). Our aim is to create high-quality videos that imitate real-world circumstances and improve the learning experience.

Case Study Video Production

We create engaging and informative visual presentations that tell a story of the consumer/customer's experience about a particular product or service that helps the company or brand to solve and improve their brand presence or quality. The process includes interviewing the consumer, preparing the video, recording, editing, and post-production.

E-learning Consulting

We provide expert advice and guidance to individuals or organisations on designing, developing and implementing e-learning solutions. This process starts with analysing learning needs, selecting appropriate technologies, creating instructional design strategies, and evaluating the effectiveness of the e-learning program.

LMS Management

An online platform that helps you create, organise, manage administration and maintenance of delivering educational content, and tracking and assessing learner's progress. We ensure the smooth functioning of the LMS.

Media Content Marketing

To build brand awareness and lead generation by creating and spreading valuable, relevant and consistent content creation in various media formats to attract and engage the target audience. Our approach towards brand-building requires identifying the audience, developing content strategies, creating high-quality content and spreading it across different channels.

About Us

32Mins is an organisation established with a vision to transform conventional learning into interactive digital content. We at 32Mins want to make educational equality in rural India by offering high-quality digital learning content in vernacular languages and eradicate the barriers to learning by creating engaging education materials available to everyone.

Our wide-ranging capabilities can help organisations enhance the quality and effectiveness of their digital training programs. We offer video production services to produce course lecture videos, corporate training (coaching staff), Industry training and development videos, and assist in establishing an LMS system to manage video-based lecture content to provide quality learning experiences for the learners.

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32Mins was founded in the year 2023, to create interactive and visually engaging content that helps academics, corporates, and subject matter experts.

Our Mission

We aim to support education & skill development by creating engaging e-learning courses in science, medicine, engineering, culture, and livelihood to improve learning outcomes and empower learners with valuable skills.

Our Clients

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Absolute Game Changer!

Finding this team was a game-changer for our e-learning program. They transformed our traditional learning materials into visually appealing digital content that engaged our learners & exceeded our expectations.

Truly Transformational

The team recently edited my 41-hour 4-module video Course in Global English for workers of multi-national companies, etc. I found in the team a matchless degree of enthusiasm to create new ways to add value to products and to help in all possible ways.

Shreesh Chaudhary
Prof (Retd.), DHSS, IIT Madras

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Why choose 32Mins?

We focus on creating compelling, engaging, high-quality digital education and corporate training video content that is custom-made according to the needs of your learner or the end listener.

Our team of experts understands and delivers highly complex or technical informative materials converted into innovative, watchable, and captivating learning videos for the end user through online or offline classes.

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We are a team of experts who come together to create interactive digital video content for our clients.

Shyam Sundar S
Digital Video Specialist
Surendiren Parthasarathi
Visual Designer
Aadharsh Srinivas
Visual Designer
Pulimurugan T
Full Stack Developer
Sribalaji Ravi
CEO & Founder
Srivinay Sridhar
N K Vamsi Krishna
Pradeeshwar A

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